There are two ways to get traffic, visitors to your site. Many people overlook the first one:

  1. Send them there. You send people to your website.
  2. Get Google and other search engines to send searchers to your website.

Have you ever given a talk? Did you send them to your website?

Probably you did. You don’t have to rely on anybody. You don’t need no Google. You can send them there yourself.

Tell Them *WHY* They Should Visit You

Now, here’s something I’ve sometimes overlooked when I’ve given talks. Sometimes, I didn’t give them a reason for going to my website. Sure, I told them the website. But not WHY they should go there. I didn’t spell out the benefit awaiting them there.

For example, I can tell you about our copywriting website: But do you know that when you go to this website all you have to do is put in your email and you will get a 17-lesson online marketing course?

So when you give a talk, give them a reason for going to your website as well as the website address.  Sell them on going to your website. Arrange so there’s something in it for them, when they go.

Sending People to Your Website

For starters, your domain name should be on every piece of paper you have, such as business cards, brochures, any Yellow Page ads, radio ads, cash register receipts, the credit-card notation that appears on their statement, your store window if you have a physical store, anything and everything you have. Every communication line you have should contain your website address, and try to give a reason for someone to go there.

I have a therapy site. Would you like to know more about how the unconscious mind works? How it is created? How you can begin to start a conversation with your own unconscious mind simply and easily?

You can have a free 85- page ebook that explains it all. Just go to

Get Google and Search Engines to Send People to your Website

The second way of building traffic is getting search engines to send people to you.

There are all kinds of gimmicks and geegaws and real systems and phony systems out there telling truth and lies about this, and how it can best be done. This is a big subject but here are the basics –

Matt Cutts is a PR guy for Google and he’s the one that this information comes from. He says that sixty percent of Google’s rating comes from this:


If I have a website and I can get other sites out there on the Internet to link to my site, then Google becomes convinced that I must be important, because so many other folks are linking to me.

In other words, Google is less impressed by how important I say I am and more impressed whenever other people indicate they think I’m important; And Google figures that if a lot of people are linking to me, then that fact says that a lot of people think I’m important.

These links from other sites to my sites are called my “backlinks.”

Recent Changes in Google Ranking

Just in recent months, Google has found some new ways to evaluate how “important” your website is, and so how likely you are to get displayed on page one. Here are just a few of the recent developments —

  • Google’s prime directive is to make searchers happy. So they actually give you some points if your website loads quickly. You get points when you have a certain type of navigation structure that’s easy for people to use. And you get points if you have a (hidden) organized list of your site’s pages so Google can update their results easily. Can you do these things? Probably not, but any skillful online-marketing company should be able to help you.
  • Because smartphone use has skyrocketed, it appears that very soon more people will be going online on smartphones than on normal desktop and laptop computers. This means more searches on smartphones. Because Google’s prime directive is to make searchers happy, then IF YOU HAVE A MOBILE SITE made especially for smartphones (in addition to your normal website), then Google is going to think your site is more important, because all those smartphone searchers can easily read your site.
  • Because of the rise in social sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google has created a type of social site of its own called Google Plus. And the common feature in these social networks is that there is some kind of “voting” (such as “liking” someone, or “friending” them), and Google taps into the “votes” that have been cast for your site, to get you points, and better ranking.
  • Again because of smartphone usage, the sites that are geographically-based, like Yelp, and SmartPages, and the new Google Places, have become more important as information sources, and so correctly arranging the information on these sites about *you* will help you get found better, and will give you points for your own website.
  • And there are others, such as video on YouTube. There are many, many available tools to improve the ranking of your website, and any professional online-marketing specialist should be able to help you.

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