How many have ever heard that the key to business is location, location, location? So what does that mean? It means:

  • People can see you.
  • Accessibility.
  • Convenience.
  • The  right people can see you.

On the web, it means you have to have your corner of the Internet.

The elements of your location online are:

  1. a website, and you have it hosted by some hosting company; and
  2. a domain name, which is your “address” online.

Now, the domain name should be chosen with an eye to the future: That will be the third step, which is TRAFFIC.

So you have to do a little Traffic-Planning before you can set up your location. And that makes sense, because it’s the same in the physical universe.

If Location, Location, Location is important in Philadelphia, then you’re going to want to think carefully about the traffic in Philadelphia before you choose the location for a store on Main Street, right?

Getting Your Own Domain Name

Your website should have a domain that is very well-reasoned and perhaps researched to be your main key phrase because it will help you down the road. For the website sitting atop your domain name I recommend WordPress software for a number of reasons as your site-building method because:

  • You stay in control. It’s easy to make small modifications to a page, to add a page, to upload new pictures, and to keep a safety backup, just in case.
  • Google loves WordPress. You can do a number of things to make yourself attractive to search engines on a WordPress-software site.
  • You need to have some kind of conversation system starting right there from that location, and it’s easy to set up on a WordPress-software site.

Your location in the physical universe might be a storefront on Main Street and you have an address like 123 Main Street.

Your location in the online universe is something like www.WoolyBullyNeckties.com and that’s your address.

Your actual location is some directory upon a web hosting computer which you’ve rented from a web hosting company . But your visitors don’t know or care about that. All they know is: go to www.WoolyBullyNeckties.com … and there you are.

So for establishing your location online, a quick preview of what is most important is:

  • You will examine certain “keywords” (phrases that people type into search engines), and you’ll do some analysis to determine words you want included that very important domain name.
  • Then you visit a company called a “registrar” and you get that domain name assigned to you.
  • Then you make some arrangements for hosting your site from a company called an “Internet service provider.”
  • And last, you use the “WordPress” website-creation software, to create the pages of your website.

NOTE: I need to clarify something that can easily be confused. I recommend that you DO NOT use a FREE site like on WordPress.com or on blogger.com … but I’m recommending that you DO use the WordPress software on your own site, with your own domain name.

Using a free site like WordPress.com or blogger.com is a bad idea for a couple of reasons —

  1. Many people KNOW it’s a free site, and that doesn’t make you look very professional.
  2. If somebody else is the actual owner of your site, they could change their mind, close their doors, and all of your work is gone. This actually happened to tens of thousands of people who had put up free sites on GeoCities.com. Oops.

Now let’s take a look at how you engage visitors in a CONVERSATION (click here)


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