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Not having a properly built website these days can be business suicide, much like hanging a “CLOSED” sign on your front door. If you’re serious about expanding your business, an effective website is a requirement!


Your website can bring in more NEW customers than you could imagine if you have it set up the correct way.


Our Website-Portfolio Slideshow

For a tour of a selection of LIVE websites, view our special slideshow, displaying one site after another. (The slideshow will open in a new tab.)


Some are simple; some are complex, to show the range of online properties, each designed for a specific purpose. This is only a sampling of sites we have built, each designed from the ground up to attract the specific customers of that business …


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Every entrepreneur knows he should “get on the internet,” but nobody knows about the other two critical steps … if you want the website to make money.

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If you yearn for a simpler life, and would benefit from increased income, you have come to the right place. Our team of Income-Creation Specialists at SweetLife Marketing Group can promote your business, walk new customers through your door, and uncover hidden income presently untapped.

And you? You can focus on what you do best, attain the life you love, and enjoy living the entrepreneurial dream you always knew you could achieve.

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