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Businesses these days create income in the real-world, and in the online world. But most entrepreneurs find marketing-online mysterious and elusive.

Why do local business owners struggle so much, getting online profitably? The business owner generally suspects he could get more business if he could somehow tap into the power of the Internet. After all, many companies make millions on the Internet, so why not Joe’s Hardware in Des Moines, Iowa?

The Ugly Fact …

Fact: Almost no local business owner ever figures out how to make it work.

Why not? What gets in the way?

First, the entire marketing focus, and the entire product delivery of a local business is to customers in the local area. The product or the service is delivered right there, not out in cyberspace. It’s all very well for Dell Computer to accept an order on the Internet, and ship out that computer, but how can Joe at Joe’s hardware do that? It’s very, very complicated, and what’s worse, it’s endlessly changing.

There is no way that Joe will undertake this project, and if he did – unless he’s very gifted – the solution is probably beyond his available time. Especially since he’s generally very busy, juggling tasks, helping people, dealing with the government, paperwork, advertising, ordering, stocking, hiring/firing/training, upgrading his existing cash-register/inventory system, analyzing to stay on top of what’s most profitable, and plugging leaks and fixing problems, all done in a limited amount of time, day after day.

His business isn’t Internet marketing. It’s running a hardware store on main street. It’s just not feasible to learn another, completely different business …

    … unless …

… somebody comes along, where marketing online *is* their business – but they’ve been running local businesses for years – and this person extracts the principles that have been tested and known to work, and then boils it down to a simple set of steps, that a normal human could actually follow.

How can SweetLife Marketing Group Help?

Oh, we’re not going to build a system like Dell Computer for Joe’s Hardware. Because for Joe’s business, that’s not where the money is. For Joe’s business, the successful action is to establish a foothold in this new universe (cyberspace) where a lot of people spend a lot of time.

And if Joe does the right steps in the cyber universe, he can find new customers, have an automatic system to engage them in a conversation (that will lead to sales), and there are things he can do that cause more and more people to visit his online presence, get into the conversation, and decide to buy from Joe.

Our Usual Way of Thinking is … Wrong.

Now realize that the way most of us begin our thinking about Internet marketing … is just plain wrong. What we generally do is this: We see that some business has a website, and we think, “I gotta get a website.”

Oops. Because you can “get a website,” and most of the businesses that do … don’t make a dime.

Three Steps Are Needed, for Profits

Because, as you will discover, having a website is only the first of three necessary steps, and that website needs to be built the right way in the first place if it’s to do you any good.

Further, it’s the other two steps that turn a website into a money-generating machine.

Any business owner running a local business can if he/she wishes, apply the “Three-Step Marketing” formula that we will describe. If you *only* get the first step done – creating a website in the correct manner – you will have made a major step forward.

And when you complete the second and third steps, you’ll discover new customers, new income flowing through your doors, and a delightfully automatic new way to boost your income.

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