The Secret to a Website that Makes Money …

Most websites, even very pretty ones, don’t make money for the business owner. Here’s why …

A website that doesn’t “engage” your customers is like a boutique where the snooty salesgirl won’t talk to customers.

The would-be customers … simply leave.

Bad News? Nope. Statistics.

This isn’t just bad news. It’s statistics.

It seems that the average visitor to your website will visit once, and will then NEVER return. That is the statistic.

(Want to prove it for yourself? Simply open your own browser, and look at all your favorites. Even though you favorited all these sites, notice that the vast majority are sites you have never, ever visited again!)

Getting Them to Buy Requires More

The other essential statistic is that the average person who buys something, does so after 7 to 9 contacts.

So the dreadful conclusion is this:

Unless your website does something to engage the visitor, and create an ongoing, repeating conversation, almost none of those visitors will ever buy anything. Bummer.

It doesn’t matter if your website is pretty. If it doesn’t engage the visitor into an ongoing conversation, it doesn’t help your business very much at all. No matter how pretty.

The Good News

The good news is that it is possible to create a “client-engagement system” into your website.

We’ve done dozens and dozens of these, using several different methods. For example —

* Capture their email address by offering an attractive “freebie,” then send them a pre-planned set of emails automatically. These emails further strengthen your credit with this would-be customer. He gets to know you better, receives information that improves his life, and now and then learns about something he could buy from you.

* Capture their cell-phone number and gain permission to send them text messages. This can be even more powerful than email.

* Offer “tips” to do things that are important to your customer. For example, a nursery might send tips about planting the garden, and a gym might send tips about best nutrition and workouts.

* Offer a “newsletter” that provides actual news about your customers specific interests. For example, if you sell classical guitars to classical-music musicians, you might give interviews with famous players, or playing techniques.

* And don’t overlook client-engagement systems that work in your physical business; the way a salesperson first approaches the walk-in customer can more than double your sales … or cut them in half!

* And there are even more methods that can work powerfully to build your business. We’d love to be of help with this.

Remember: you have to CAPTURE visitor information, in order to CONVERSE, so as to CONVERT into a sale.

Contact us today, to discuss how a powerful client-engagement system can be employed on your website, or in your physical shop or office.

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