• Did you know that often there is more profit in re-activating lost customers than in  working to attract new ones?
  • Did you know that combining certain traditional advertising with online methods can increase your average sale?
  • Did you know that, hidden in your records, there are “super-clients” who are more profitable than all the rest?
  • Did you know that a properly-built marketing program is often 80 percent automatic?
  • Did you know that by 2013, more of your customers will access the internet with smartphones than on all desktops and laptops?
  • Are you currently accessing even a small part of the astounding, and rapidly growing internet market in your local area?
If this is news … no problem. We can help.
We provide many skilled approaches to making your business strong; here are some of the most popular …

Marketing Analysis

Before zooming off wildly in a cloud of dust … it’s essential to have a map of where you want to go.

SweetLife Marketing Group offers expert assistance in creating a marketing road map to guide your business. First, we work together to define the life you wish to have, then determine tactics, strategies and solutions your business needs in order to give you that exact life. This is a little different than the usual approach, but it creates clear goals and makes for a sweet life!

Contact us today to schedule a Quick Profit-Mapping Session, or our extensive Profit-Maximizer Audit.

SMS (Text) Marketing

SMS stands for Short Message Service (i.e. Texting), and it has captured the attention of the SmartPhone Generation. In fact, Text Marketing is the fastest-growing and most-popular of the new mobile marketing methods. As of 2013, there will be more people accessing the Internet via SmartPhones that with all desktops and laptops combined!

With an enthusiastic customer base, well-designed Text Marketing campaigns can bring a flood of customers on a slow day, increase average ticket sales, bring customers back more often, and introduce customers to more of the services and products you offer.

Contact us today to schedule a discussion, to see how Text Marketing could revolutionize your sales.

Professional Web-Design

Customers have become expert researchers searching online first to find information, pricing and location of the products and services they want to buy. These days, if your business is not online, to most of the market, you simply don’t exist.

Your website is the online Home Base for your company. It is a place to drive prospects and customer for information, engagement, education and conversation.If not,  Contact us today and let’s talk about how to most effectively take advantage of the astounding power of the Internet to funnel more customers and dollars into your business.

Video Marketing

Video is not the wave of the Future. Video is the wave of the Present.

With over 3 BILLION views daily, YouTube offers an unmatched opportunity to open a huge doorway and re-route traffic to your website, your offers, your business. And people love it.

If you want to dramatically present your services and products, right where the customers are spending their time and searching for solutions, contact us today to discover how to provide the most powerful presentation in the world, to attract more customers.

Client-Enlistment Systems

Most business owners, at some point or other, realize they need a website.

However, nearly all of them overlook the key point that turns a website into a profit-center. You see, a website with no way to capture visitor information, to turn a one-time visit into an ongoing conversation … is like a botique where the snooty salesgirl won’t speak to the customers. They simply go away, never to return.

That’s the statistic. If you don’t want to become an unhappy statistic, so  contact us today to discover how your website can become far more effective at actually creating profits.

SEO-Traffic Generation

A website without a planned and on-going traffic-driving system is a hotdog stand in the middle of the forest.

Even if you have the best hotdots in the world, remarkably few customers will stumble up to the counter.

Don’t be lost in the woods.  Contact us today to learn simple ways to send more people to your website, and to attract more of the vast crowd already travelling online. (It’s very much like putting a “detour” sign along the freeway; and the result? A huge increase in customers, day after day after day.)

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